LYLA Club’s Exclusive Membership invites you on an unparalleled journey to exceptional benefits and exclusive perks

Join LYLA Club and venture into a world of aesthetic transformation at LYLA Clinic. As your premier destination for cutting-edge cosmetic services, we offer advanced dermatology, non-surgical facelifts, skin tightening, and more. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve your best look and feel.

LYLA Club Membership

Terms & Conditions

  1. 12 visits per year for injectables (regardless of nature of treatment – excluding reviews and “touch ups”).
  2. No more than 5 mls of filler injected in a single visit.
  3. Appointments are subject to availability and must be scheduled in advance.
  4. Volume, type and extent of injectables at the discretion of the clinician (ie. safety of the patient comes first and we will not be involved in excessive injectables).
  5. Any additional treatments or services recommended during the consultation will be discussed separately, and standard charges will apply.
  6. The offer cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts, or offers.
  7. The offer cannot be transferred to another person.
  8. Minimum term for monthly subscription is 12months from registering.